After Circumcision

If you chose to have your son circumcised, the procedure probably has been performed in the hospital on the second or third day after birth, but may be done after discharge during the first week of life. Afterward, a light dressing such as gauze with petroleum jelly will have been placed over the head of the penis.   The next time the baby urinates, we recommend this dressing to come off, but sometimes we may ask you to keep a clean dressing on until the penis is fully healed. The important thing is to keep the area as clean as possible. If particles of stool get on the penis, wipe it gently with soap and water during diaper changes.  The scab at the incision line should be gone within 7 to 10 days.

When to Call Muddy Creek Pediatrics

    • If your baby has a fever.
    • Signs of infection around circumcision site (severe swelling, redness, thick and yellow discharge).
    • If the circumcision site bleeds, especially if more than a quarter-sized blood stain in diaper or on the dressing.
    • If your baby has not passed urine within 12hours after the circumcision was completed.

 Click here for more information from the American Academy of Pediatrics.