Preparing for Your New Baby

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, excitement, preparation, and, for many new parents, uncertainty. The nine months of pregnancy will give you time to have your questions answered, calm your fears, and prepare yourself for the realities of parenthood. This is one of the reasons we highly encourage new parents to schedule a Meet the Doctor session with us before their new child is born.  

Click here for more information on prenatal care from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Preparing Your Home for your Newborn

Before your baby is born, you need to prepare for the day you bring your newborn home from the hospital by making sure your home and car are equipped with at least the bare essentials. Make sure you have a federally approved car safety seat that is appropriate for your baby’s size, and which you have correctly installed rear-facing in the backseat of your vehicle. It is extremely important to follow the car seat manufacturer’s instructions on installation and proper use carefully, and if possible, it is helpful to get your car seat installation checked by a certified child passenger safety technician to ensure that you’ve gotten it right.

At home you’ll need a safe place for the baby to sleep, plenty of diapers, and enough clothing and blankets to keep him warm and protected. If you’re formula-feeding, you’ll also need a supply of formula.

Click here for more information on preparing for the arrival of your newborn from the American Academy of Pediatrics.