How Do I Know if My Newborn is Sick?

Watch for these signs that it’s time to call us immediately for an appointment for your child.  If you dial our main number after office hours or on weekends you will reach Dr. Habel or Dr. O’Malley’s voicemail.  Follow the instructions, leave a detailed message, and they will promptly call you back, and will help you decide on the  best course of action:

  • Your newborn’s breathing is faster or irregular
  • You notice blueness or a darkness on the lips or face
  • Your newborn has a fever
  • Your newborn’s body temperature has dropped
  • You see signs of dehydration (less than 3 to 4 wet diapers in a 24-hour period)
  • Your baby’s belly button or circumcision area looks infected
  • Your newborn’s jaundice does not decrease by the fifth day
  • Your baby is crying a lot or appears sluggish
  • You think your baby is not looking or feeling well