Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours
What Insurance is in network?
Is Muddy Creek Pediatrics accepting new patients?
We are expecting a baby and we are interested in having Muddy Creek Pediatrics care for our child’s health. What do we need to do?
Can we meet the doctors before our child is born?
How do I know when my child needs a vaccination?
What is your vaccination policy?
At what age would my child no longer see a pediatrician?
If I have questions, can I just phone or email the doctors or nurses?
How do I get prescriptions refilled?
Which hospitals do you partner with?
What are your doctor’s philosophies?
How do I make an appointment for a sick child?
How often does my child need a check up?
What other wellness checks and appointments do I need to schedule?
How do I reach the doctors with an after hours problem?
I need my sports participation form signed. Do I need a checkup?
What are the required medical forms for school, camp, or other activities away from home?
What happens if I don’t bring required school forms to my child’s physical appointment?