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Well Child Checkups

Immunizations are a big part of the preventive care visit, but we want to encourage you to talk about other topics as well.  We can help you by providing the best recommendations and resources for issues such as  safety in the home , optimal nutrition, toilet training, and even environmental concerns such as lead paint exposure.

A lot of first-time parents like me may not realize that they can ask us about any and everything related to the care of their child — medical or not.

A Healthy Future

Dr. O’Malley and Dr. Habel believe pediatricians should play a key role in helping families make the best possible healthcare decisions.  We want to do everything we can to make caregiving and decision-making easier for our patients and families.  This means addressing the medical and non-medical needs of your child and family.  That is why we place such emphasis on general health, wellness, nutrition, exercise and preventive care.  In that way,  Muddy Creek Pediatrics is not just a place, but also an approach to providing the very best in comprehensive primary care for your children.  That is why we say Your Kids are Our Kids!

We believe that well-child care is very important.  Just seeing us when your child is sick is simply not enough.   We provide a schedule of well-child visits so that when you know a visit is approaching, you can prepare for topics of discussion that concern you and your child.

Schedule of Well-Child Care Visits

Well child visits can include physical measurements, patient history, sensory screenings, behavioral assessments, and planned procedures (immunizations, screenings and other tests).  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends well-child visits at the following suggested intervals: