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School Requirements

There are many forms required for attendance at preschools, schools, summer camps, before and aftercare programs, etc., as well as vaccination records, family leave forms, sports physical forms, work permits, medication administration and college forms that children at different ages and stages will need.  Please bring any forms that you need to have completed with you to your child’s well care, or physical appointment, and we will complete them while you’re here in most cases, and free of charge.

If you have lost or forgotten your forms, call and ask us!  We have many different school forms on hand at the office.  If you need a form completed by a healthcare provider here at Muddy Creek Pediatrics, we will be happy to take care of this for you; however, due to the vast number of forms that we receive and complete on a daily basis, we do charge a nominal fee for completion.

Muddy Creek Pediatrics Form Library