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Prescription Refills

In order to provide you and your child with safe and quality medical care, we find it necessary to set a policy for prescription refills.

General Refill Information:  We require a 48-72 hour turnaround time for prescription refills (with the exception of certain rescue medications for asthma).  This allows our staff to request the medication refill from the provider, and allows the provider adequate time for review of your child’s chart.  Often, this is done at the end of their day, after seeing patients in the office.  This review is necessary to ensure that you are getting the proper medication and dose, and that your child is being seen regularly, which assures the best medical care and medication surveillance that our practice has to offer.  We typically do not refill prescriptions after hours or during Saturday morning office hours.  We are not appropriately staffed at that time to handle refill requests.

Over-the-Counter Medications:  We do not write prescriptions for medications that can be purchased over the counter.

ADD/ADHD Medications:  If your child is on medication for ADD/ADHD, they must be seen and evaluated in the office at least every 6 months, more often if symptoms are not under control and medication changes are frequently made.  Most ADD/ADHD medications are controlled, Schedule II drugs, which require a hand written prescription that must be picked up and signed for by an adult, age 18 years or older, in the office each month.  These prescriptions cannot be “called in” or mailed to a home, and cannot contain refills.

Once the child’s symptoms are under control with minimal or no side effects, and their medication dose is stable, their provider may choose to write three prescriptions at once; one to be filled promptly, and two with “to be filled after” dates written on the prescriptions.  This will allow some flexibility to families, eliminating the need to come to the office monthly for written prescriptions.  Patients must still be seen and evaluated at least every six months to ensure the patient is doing well, the medication is still effective, and there are no increased side effects.  Due to the fact that these prescriptions are for controlled substances, they are monitored by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  Special care must be taken not to lose these written prescriptions, and if lost, we will only replace a prescription one time, then the patient will be placed back on monthly written prescriptions.

Mail Order Pharmacies:  If you choose to use a mail order pharmacy, you are responsible for mailing your prescriptions to your mail order pharmacy in a timely manner so that you receive refills prior to running out of medication.  In the event that you are delayed in mailing your prescription and run out of medication, we will write a prescription that you may pick up in the office and get filled at a local pharmacy.  Due to DEA restrictions, we will only grant this exception one time.

Follow Up Appointments:  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make the required follow up appointments for medication checks with their provider.  Appointments should be scheduled well in advance, at least 4-6 weeks, especially if an after school appointment time is needed.