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Our Nurse Practitioners

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) are health care providers who are dedicated to improving children’s health. PNPs have and advanced education in pediatric nursing and health care and they serve children and families in an extensive range of practice settings across the nation. Working with pediatricians and other health care providers, PNPs have been enhancing the health care of children for over forty years.  Additionally, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner (CPNP) promotes optimal health outcomes and have a positive impact on the quality of health care to children and families.

PNPs are educated at the masters level to meet the psychosocial and physical care needs of newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults through the age of 21 years old. They serve as pediatric health care providers for well and ill children of all ages.

At Muddy Creek Pediatrics, we have two CPNPs: Toral Freson and Erin Clancy.  They both work independently and collaboratively with Dr. Habel and Dr. O’Malley.  They provide primary and acute care and are qualified to meet the majority of Muddy Creek Pediatric kids’ health care needs.  In keeping with the overall philosophy of Muddy Creek Pediatrics, they promote a comprehensive proactive approach to health care and emphasize the overall health and wellness of their patients.  Both Toral and Erin are certified as Pediatric Nurse Practitioners through the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

Erin and Toral provide health maintenance care for children, including:

Erin and Toral also provide health teaching and counseling to support healthy lifestyle behaviors and prevent illness, and refer patients to other health care professionals as needed.

Toral Freson, CPNP

While pursuing her Master’s Degree as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the University of Cincinnati, Toral continued to work as an RN at Shriners Burn Hospital for Children.  After graduation in 2005, she worked as a CPNP in Pediatric General Surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for three years.  She has been with Muddy Creek Pediatrics since October 2008.  Toral is also a certified lactation consultant and is available to assist mothers with breastfeeding concerns.

Erin Clancy, CPNP-PC

Erin joined Muddy Creek Pediatrics in June of 2016 after working in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Erin is a Cincinnati native receiving her undergraduate degree in pharmacology from the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University. Erin went on to advance her studies obtaining a Masters of Science degree to become in an advanced nurse practitioner in 2012. While at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Erin developed advanced skills in the treatment of patients with developmental and behavioral concerns and she welcomes the opportunity to support the primary health care needs of our Muddy Creek Pediatrics patients. .

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