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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our goal is to provide the best possible medical care and a positive experience for our patients. We are using this survey to help improve our access, scheduling and service. We collect patient surveys at least twice annually.   The results of our most recent survey are below.   The survey results are reviewed by the Quality Improvement Committee and Management Team to look for areas needing improvement and to consider any comments or suggestions provided in the survey.   Participants taking the survey were asked to score a series of service questions as “Excellent” =1, “Very Good” = 2, “Good” = 3, “Fair” = 4, “Poor” = 5.   We also collected additional information about the respondent such as new or established patient, which provider was seen on the day of the survey, and knowledge of the practice website. Our goal is to reach a rating of 1.5 or less in each area of the survey and to have more than 95% of patients indicate they would refer our practice to others.

As a result of our most recent survey we have added additional provider hours on Tuesday evening, increased the number of well visit appointments available during the summer months in addition to adding more well visits on Saturday morning to improve access to care.   We hired an Intake Specialist to help families register for the patient portal and to see the value of using the portal for non-urgent or emergent needs such as requesting well visit appointments, renewing medications, and printing or submitting forms for completion or accessing immunization records.   Lastly we hope to reduce waiting times in the exam and reception room through the hiring of medical scribes who will document patient visits allowing the provider to spend more time with patients and turn around visits more efficiently.   We hope you will see our improvement initiatives are directly related to patient satisfaction survey results as a true value.   We appreciate the time you take in completing them when asked to do so.

Here are our most recent results