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Patient Satisfaction

Dear Patient Families,

We built Muddy Creek Pediatrics upon the concept of providing a comprehensive pediatric medical home for your children.   A medical home represents an approach to pediatric health care in which a trusted physician partners with your family to establish regular, ongoing care and to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.   This partnership requires a sound doctor-patient relationship which is central to the practice of high quality healthcare.

An essential component of patient-centered care is patient satisfaction.   We want to know about your experience with us and make sure we continue to provide the service and care Muddy Creek kids and their parents value most.   We also want you to participate in your child’s care by providing information about access to care, interactions with providers and staff, and any additional concerns you may have about the care your child receives or is recommended to you.   This means you have our commitment to constantly improving our practice and level of excellence in patient care to ensure your child has access to quality care when you need it most.

We ask our patient families to participate in a satisfaction survey when asked to do so periodically.   Your engagement in helping us improve the quality of our care and service is extremely important to us.   We value you opinions and input and take your suggestions seriously.   When asked we hope you will complete a patient satisfaction survey and in return we will gladly share the results with you.   Our most recent patient satisfaction survey results can be viewed by clicking the link below:


We also engage our patients with the use of a suggestions box.   If you have ideas for improvement or see something you think needs to be attended to please use our in office suggestion box or contact the practice manager today!   Thank you for being a part of Muddy Creek Pediatrics.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Todd Habel and Dr. Kathryn O’Malley