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Emergency Room, Urgent Care visits, and hospitalizations are sometimes unavoidable.  Your child’s primary care provider (PCP) or an on call physician, and our Triage Nursing team are available to you 24 hours a day every day to help you assess the need for emergency or urgent care services. Life threatening illnesses or serious injuries always need to be attended to right away by calling 911 or going directly to the nearest Emergency Room.   When a call can be placed to the office, allowing a PCP or the Triage team to assist you has many benefits.   Studies show care coordination with your child’s PCP improves health outcomes for children and reduces unnecessary healthcare costs.

Emergency and Urgent Care services often require follow up care with specialists or the patient’s PCP and they are important services to document in your child’s health record.   As the coach of your child’s care team the PCP wants to know when your child has received emergency or urgent care services to assist our families in coordinating follow up care, assess the current medical status of the patient, and update your child’s medical record.     You can expect a member of our Care Team to contact you when we are alerted your child has received emergency or urgent care services, or when your child has been hospitalized within 2 business days.

In fact, we have implemented a quality improvement initiative to improve our communication with families following visits to the Emergency Room, Urgent Care Center, and/or hospital admissions.   Our nurses will make a follow-up phone call to the parent to make sure your child is feeling better and to offer assistance with follow up care such as scheduling an appointment with a specialist, relaying diagnostic test results, and providing medical record information needed for specialty care. Because this care coordination is important for good health outcomes, we are monitoring our post-visit phone calls.  We have been tracking our efforts and we are pleased to see we have surpassed our goal of 80% follow up as evidenced below.

Remember it is important to contact us anytime your child has had emergency or urgent care services at another facility, or when hospitalized to assist us in coordinating your care and updating your child’s records.     Your child’s PCP and our Clinical Team are focused on making sure your child receives the best possible medical care.  We appreciate your participation in helping your child’s Care Team provide quality healthcare services to Muddy Creek kids.