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Diabetes is a chronic illness that requires at least quarterly assessments of glycemic control, frequent assessment and adjustments of insulin requirements, as well as support of all aspects of a developing child or adolescent.

At Muddy Creek Pediatrics, we are able to provide comprehensive assessments and assist in the care management for your child or adolescent, including an in office HgbA1c measurement.  We encourage our patients to be seen annually by one of the Endocrinologists at CCHMC to take advantage of their expertise as well as their extensive support staff of nurse educators, dietitians, and social workers and we will work with our parents and caregivers to coordinate your child’s care for diabetes.

Diabetes can have chronic and acute affects on the growth and development of children and adolescents as well as major effects on the health of the mind and body.  At Muddy Creek Pediatrics we are able to offer knowledge and expertise in the primary care of your child or adolescent with diabetes. 

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