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Childhood Obesity Initiative

Muddy Creek Pediatrics recognizes childhood obesity can put your child’s health at risk.   As a result we completed an assessment of our Muddy Creek kids to see how many of them had BMI (Body Mass Index) readings indicating they were at risk for obesity which led to an initiative to lower the risk of complications amongst these patients.     The initiative includes an emphasis on preventive health care and wellness programs. Through educating children, teens and families about the importance of healthy eating and activity habits, we aim to have a positive impact on lowering childhood obesity rates.   In October 2016, the providers began utilizing tools from the nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program “Let’s Go!” as part of their nutrition and exercise counseling during well child/teen visits to see if this would help lower the number of kids at risk.  Providers also recommended lipid screening and other laboratory testing to further identify if early intervention and referral to a specialist was needed.   Our desire to lower childhood obesity rates is important enough for us to monitor our progress by measuring nutritional counseling and lipid screening interventions.   The charts below show we are improving our reach out efforts which we believe will help improve the health of Muddy Creek kids at risk of complications due to obesity.

Nutritional Counseling at Well-Visits

Lipid Screening by age 12

Muddy Creek Pediatrics wants you to be engaged in your child’s health and knowledgeable about the prevention of childhood diseases. Routine well visits are also an important factor in assessing your child’s health needs and reducing risk factors. Our office will contact you to let you know if your child is behind or due for any well visits or preventive health care services. We appreciate your cooperation in making sure your child has the best of health. Please visit our website again to see what other improvement initiatives we are undertaking to help improve the health of our Muddy Creek kids!

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