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Lawnmower Safety for Kids and Families

By Muddy Creek Pediatrics – Dr. Todd Habel and Dr. Kathryn O’Malley
Mason, West Chester, Lebanon, Liberty Township
Greater Cincinnati

We have noticed a lot of pictures recently online of kids pushing grownup mowers with their dads or following behind with their own toy mower while someone else mows. Each year many children are injured severely by lawn mowers, so this is an important issue to talk about. Most lawn mower-related injuries can be prevented by carefully following safety guidelines. The questions and answers in this blog post are designed to help you, as a parent, make healthy and safe choices for your children.

Lawn Mower-Related Injury Facts

Is it safe for my child to ride on a riding mower?

No! It is never safe to allow a child to ride on a riding mower. Extra riders are distracting, block controls, and easily fall off. The child can suffer serious injury from the rotating blades of the mower.

Is it safe for my child to be in the yard while mowing?

No! Keep your child inside while cutting the grass.

What are some ways to make my yard safe?

Always keep yard tools out of reach of children. These include weed eaters, power saws and trimmers which are all a possible risk for injury. Keep all gasoline, insect killers and fertilizers labeled and away from children.

What are some more lawn mower safety tips?

Make sure you always have visibility to your surroundings and stay alert while mowing. Watch for children coming into the mowing area. Do not mow in reverse and always clear mowing area of toys, sticks, and trash before mowing so you do not have to leave the mower running unattended to move them out of your way.

At what age can my child operate a mower?

We know you want to keep your Muddy Creek Kids as safe as possible.  So do we!  We hope this information was helpful and raised some awareness about child safety.  For more information you can consult the following resources:

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center site on lawn mower safety

Nationwide Children’s Hospital policy on lawn mower safety

Consumer Product Safety Commission website

Lawnmower safety from HealthChildren.org